OX Open Xchange-Admin Training (EN)

Level: Experte
The Open-Xchange (OX) AppSuite presents a popular choice for many providers and carriers, currently powering more than 200 million mailboxes world-wide. On top of that, it features calendars and contacts integration and offers online file storage, as well as software for text processing, working with spread sheets, and creating presentations.

Hinweis: Coronabedingt bieten wir unsere Schulungen zum Preis des Standard-Pakets auch als Online-Training an. - In welcher Form der jeweilige Termin stattfindet, entscheiden wir je nach aktueller Situation und kontaktieren Sie dazu im Vorfeld. Bitte beachten Sie unser Hygienekonzept für die Präsenz-Trainings. Coronabedingte Umbuchungen / Stornierungen handhaben wir kulant und kostenfrei.

Update: Im 2. Halbjahr 2021 bieten wir an der Heinlein Akademie ausschließlich Online-Schulungen an.

The training covers a number of areas that any administrator tasked with the setup of a large OX cluster, or ensuring its smooth operation must be equipped with, such as:

  • Structure of the Open-Xchange software stack
  • High-availability with Hazelcast cluster
  • Configuration of Apache proxy cluster
  • User management and context setups
  • Integration of mobile devices
  • File sharing and setup of guest accounts
  • Sizing for setups with > 1 million users
  • Structure and correct usage of database clusters with OX

We also recommend attending our Dovecot IMAP-Servers course to anyone looking for complementary further training.
All training courses that we offer can also be delivered in-house, if desired. Contact our team for further details.


    Weitere Termine Leider gibt es für diese Schulung momentan keinen festen Termin. Bei Interesse an einer Schulungsteilnahme oder an einer Inhouse-Schulung zu diesem Thema, wenden Sie sich bitte per Mail an uns. Vielen Dank.


Peer Heinlein (English)

Peer Heinlein (English) founded the Internet Service Provider JPBerlin.de in 1992. He is a seasoned Linux administrator, and his book "Postfix-Buch" about the operation of e-mail servers has become a standard reference in the field. Other books include "LPIC-1" as well as "Snort, Acid & Co." and have been published by Open Source Press. Peer Heinlein is LPIC-2-certified and has been conducting training courses for Linux and UNIX administrators for many years. His main focus is the setup and operation of secure IP networks


Komplett-Paket 1.680,00 EUR zuzügl. 19% USt. (= 1.999,20 EUR brutto)
Schulung inkl. Unterrichtsmaterial/Buch; Unterbringung im Einzelzimmer; Mittag- und Abendessen; Rahmenprogramm
Standard-Paket / Online-Paket 1.500,00 EUR zuzügl. 19% USt. (= 1.785,00 EUR brutto)
Schulung inkl. Unterrichtsmaterial/Buch und Mittagessen; aber ohne Hotel, Abendessen und Rahmenprogramm
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