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04.02.2024 - Vortrag Heinlein-Team

Enterprise Mail Security with Open Source?

As of 2023/2024 mail is still one of the most important attack vectors for Ransomware, Spam or Phishing.

The commercial vendors of mail security products show off using many advanced buzzwords to advertise their features. It seems they have magic algorithms to catch every threat. And you can only buy it in their shop.

Is there any chance to build a mail security platform with open-source components on-prem that is at least as effective??

With the help of a robust MTA infrastructure and the excellent anti-spam solution and mail-framework Rspamd we would like to show you that most of the buzzword ideas are covered by Rspamd or could be queried by Rspamd.

All we need is good reputation data - selfmade, commercial or from the community.

Let's have a look if we can compete with commercial vendors and build up an Enterprise Mail Security using open-source. 


Carsten Rosenberg is Senior Linux Consultant at Heinlein Support.

  • working with Linux systems since 25+ years
  • since 2017 Consultant at Heinlein Support - responsible for mail infrastructure projects and mail security
  • trainer of the Heinlein Academy courses Postfix, Rspamd, Dovecot
  • author and co-author of several Rspamd plugins and other extensions

Manu Zurmühl came into contact with the "Free and OpenSource" idea back in 1998 and has been travelling on Linux ever since. Even during his long time abroad, his projects were Linux-based, from computer labs to the GPON fibre optic campus network. A Linux enthusiast at Heinlein since 2019, he likes to infect others with his enthusiasm and works as a consultant and lecturer at the Heinlein Academy. He specialises in mail with Postfix and Dovecot as well as AVAS with Rspamd. Ansible is his choice for automation.

Recorded lecture FOSDEM 2024

Carsten and Manu gave this presentation at FOSDEM 2024. If you were unable to attend live, take a look at the video recording of FOSDEM (external video).