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Dovecot IMAP-Server (English)

This course offers a great opportunity for all systems- and server administrators to learn about how to set up and operate an IMAP Server with Dovecot, Sieve, Quotas, and Shared Folders.

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Peer Heinlein (English)

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This course requires participants to have good basic knowledge about the general setup and operation of Postfix servers. If you are interested in Dovecot and relatively new to the subject of Postfix, we encourage you to attend the Heinlein Academy training course Sichere Mailserver mit Postfix before signing up for this one. Note that Sichere Mailserver mit Postfix is currently offered in German language only.


On its first release in 2002, Dovecot by Timo Sirrainen was an outright shooting star in the IMAP server arena. Its impressive range of features, convincing performance, and simple administration has made it a top choice for many mail server administrators. As a result, Dovecot has quickly snapped up a lot of territory previously held by other IMAP servers such as Courier or Cyrus. Since version 2.0, Dovecot has become a complex and mighty tool while maintaining its widely appreciated approach to simple administration. This training course is targeted at businesses and corporations, universities, and ISPs, as we will demonstrate the planning and setup of Dovecot IMAP clusters that are capable of handling well over 100.000 users. We will also talk about filtering with Sieve, LMTP connectivity, Web-Mail, Quotas and the setup of shared folders.

Your path to running a Dovecot IMAP cluster:

  • Introduction to configuration
  • User data base and authentication
  • Postfix connectivity
  • SMTP-Auth and recipient verification in Postfix
  • Quotas, Shared Folders, and Sieve
  • Connection-Handling, Performance Tuning, and Security
  • E-mail storage formats: Maildir and (m)dbox
  • Migration of e-mails and login credentials
  • doveadm: The Finnish Army Knife
  • Authentication for LDAP and SQL
  • Extra fields and user-specific settings
  • Hacks and scripts
  • Large clusters and setups suited for ISPs


In this course, you will learn a lot about Dovecot and IMAP in general, and specifically about best practices in the planning and operation of a high-availability IMAP cluster with Dovecot.


Peer Heinlein (English)

Peer Heinlein (English)

founded the Internet Service Provider JPBerlin.de in 1992. He is a seasoned Linux administrator, and his book "Postfix-Buch" about the operation of e-mail servers has become a standard reference in the field. Other books include "LPIC-1" as well as "Snort, Acid & Co." and have been published by Open Source Press. Peer Heinlein is LPIC-2-certified and has been conducting training courses for Linux and UNIX administrators for many years. His main focus is the setup and operation of secure IP networks

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