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07.05.2014 - Konferenz Archiv - Mailserver-Konferenz 2014

Dovecot - Recent and future developments

Dovecot development has recently been more focused on developing the obox format for Dovecot Pro, which can efficiently store mails in various object storages, such as S3, Azure, Scality and others. There are also a few other new projects such as preventing brute force authentication attempts from botnets.

This talk presents an overview of these developments, as well as talking about other current topics on Dovecot. Towards the end we can have an interactive discussion about some larger features that are being developed to Dovecot in near future and what people might want from them (e.g. full text search improvements, REST APIs).


Timo Sirainen has been developing Dovecot POP3/IMAP server for the last twelve years. Initially it started as a hobby, but later on several different companies started paying him for Dovecot development. Finally in 2011 he started his own Dovecot support company and hopes to build many new awesome and useful things in the email world.