Amavis and SpamAssassin

Basic concepts of plumbing an Amavis content filter with a Postfix mailer. Comparison with a SpamAssassin spamc/spamd setup. Keystones of customized settings: policy banks and per-recipient settings. Noting some of the newer features of SpamAssassin 3.4.0 and Amavis. Understanding the ZeroMQ-based infrastructure for monitoring amavisd health and providing measurements over SNMP. How is a Redis database server used for "pen pals" and IP reputation lookups, for feeding mail events to log analyzers, and as a SpamAssassin's Bayes storage. Getting insight into site's mail traffic by putting the new Amavis JSON structured reporting to good use: feeding it through Logstash to ElasticSearch and Kibana. Can it all run in an IPv6-only environment?


Mark Martinec -- Graduated in computer science in 1979 at the University of Ljubljana, Slovenia. Worked on various hardware and software R&D projects at the Jožef Stefan Institute (IJS), including hardware and software computer graphics projects, CAD, typesetting, worked on chip design and testing for Cambridge ring. Current job position is a systems and network engineer at the IJS. Actively involved in open source projects since 1996 (ANU-News, NTP, ...). Since 2002 devotes considerable time to the development of the Amavis content filter for the needs of IJS and to the benefit of community. Member of a Project Management Committee of the Apache SpamAssassin Project since January 2008. Promoting deployment of IPv6 since 2003, reporting bugs and fixing applications to work in dual-stack and IPv6-only environments.

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