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07.07.2009 - Konferenz Archiv - Mailserver-Konferenz 2009

Postfix recent developments and outlook (en)

In the 10 years since its initial release, the Postfix mail system has become a significant component of the email infrastructure. After the system reached completion by 2006, emphasis has moved from building new functionality to making the system more extensible. This presentation will span the recent past, several awards, current developments, and perhaps some speculation about the future.


Wietse Venema is known for his software such as the TCP Wrapper and the POSTFIX mail system. He co-authored the SATAN network scanner and the Coroner's Toolkit (TCT) for forensic analysis, as well as a book on Forensic Discovery. Wietse received awards from the System Administrator's Guild (SAGE), the Netherlands UNIX User Group (NLUUG), as well as a Sendmail innovation award and a Free Software Foundation award. He served a two-year term as chair of the international Forum of Incident Response and Security Teams (FIRST). Wietse currently is a research staff member at the IBM T. J. Watson research center. After completing his Ph.D. in physics he changed career to computer science and never looked back.