Amavis: Tuning, Tipps and Tricks (en)

The presentation will run through capabilities of amavisd-new, including an overview of per-recipient lookup capabilities, explain the concept of contents categories, cover policy banks along with illustrating their use in more complex setup topologies.

The flow of rules evaluation for banning message parts will be explained, along with per-recipient configuration of banning checks. As the more recent versions of amavisd offer DKIM signing and verification, a special attention will be given on putting it to good use. Some performance measurements and tuning considerations will be shown. Time permitting, we'll touch on some debugging hints.

Mark Martinec


Mark Martinec graduated in computer science in 1979 at the University of Ljubljana, Slovenia. Worked on various hardware and software R&D projects at the Jozef Stefan Institute (IJS), including computer graphics projects (CG boards, GKS, CAD), typesetting and text processing, worked on chip design for Cambridge ring. Current job position is a systems and network engineer at the IJS, with active involvement in open source projects and standardization efforts. Since 2002 devotes considerable time to the development of the amavisd-new content filter for the needs of IJS and to the benefit of community. Member of a Project Management Committee of the Apache SpamAssassin Project since January 2008.

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