Rspamd - The new anti-spam system (EN)

In this talk, I will concentrate on the recently added Rspamd features, such as reputation framework, clustering plugin, Bayes improvements. I will also highlight the main challenges I had when developing Rspamd:

MIME parsing difficulties, new types of spam and scam, integration with the external services. I will also depict the basics of DKIM signing using Rspamd and explain the most common mistakes in DKIM/ARC setups.

Finally, I will explain the best practices on updating Rspamd, writing custom configurations and secure templates, writing of the custom rules.


StakhovVsevolod Stakhov: I am the author and the principal developer of Rspamd, I have an engineering degree from the Moscow State technical University, studied PhD at University of Cambridge and so far I'm working at Mimecast (London) as a Lead Software Engineer where I'm mainly responsible for Rspamd integration. I have more than 10 years experiences in working with different Email systems of different grade, from personal to large ESP services.