Rspamd Hands On Advanced (EN)

This workshop will be dedicated to solving of the practical problems when working with Rspamd.

Networking ones:

  • How to create a testing environment
  • How to encrypt traffic in the network
  • How to write comparison scripts
  • How to distribute custom maps and rules

Rules writing:

  • Create filters by email samples
  • Create maps and filling them with the content
  • Working with spamtraps and users feedback
  • Performance considerations, e.g. using of the regular expressions


  • Communication with the external services
  • Writing spam sorting script
  • Analytics using Clickhouse and Redash

Legal and other issues:

  • GDPR compliance
  • Data retention policies
  • Email backup using Rspamd
  • AV checks using Rspamd


StakhovVsevolod Stakhov: I am the author and the principal developer of Rspamd, I have an engineering degree from the Moscow State technical University, studied PhD at University of Cambridge and so far I'm working at Mimecast (London) as a Lead Software Engineer where I'm mainly responsible for Rspamd integration. I have more than 10 years experiences in working with different Email systems of different grade, from personal to large ESP services.